I’m at the precipice of something new and great-

11 Jul

I’ve eaten a lot of Mc’D’s lately, sad to say.

That is the opposite of ProudlyLocal.

I no longer consider it comfort food.  Unfortunately it certainly is convenient.

Thank goodness my stomach overcame my brain.

Today I sat down at new local restaurant in Takoma Park called Takoma Bistro, part of Bread & Chocolate.  I sat (not while driving) at nice hardwood tables. It has lovely a warming pressed tin ceiling and soft lighting.

I enjoyed (maybe not savored, but did appreciate) real, unprocessed protein and, amazingly enough, green leafy things as well as a variety of sweet colorful fruits today.

The staff is now getting to know me. Ok, I confess that I did not just eat here one meal today, rather three — it is becoming my version of Cheers (the famed bar in Boston – whose theme song includes the words “Everybody knows your name, and they’re always glad you came.”

The first was breakfast (unprocessed protein) with a new friend (!) who is a web site developer.  She aptly recognized that I have some experience and want to put it to use, so she encouraged me to check out WordPress and to start writing.  So here I am!

The second was a late lunch with greens grown without pesticides.  During lunch, I re-connected with my best friend (!) who has just returned from vacation.

Then I had acupuncture done by a relatively new friend who is helping me seek clarity in my conversations, actions and relationships.

Now I’m eating a light dinner of granola, yogurt and fruit.  Later, I hope to talk with a relatively new friend who is bringing me with him on the journey of a life-time (!): to a partnership in helping each other develop our own special niche of art- his is a palette of colors audible; mine is both tactile (chocolate) and written.  I used to be in three book clubs but haven’t picked up a book in almost three years.  I just started reading again (magical realism) and am writing.

As the daughter of an astronomer, I am genetically incapable of believing in horoscopes.  But this week, his said it is a year of friendship and partnership.  And mine said it is a year of socializing and focusing on what is important.  I’ll take them both.

My conscience is feeling much better now.  My stomach certainly knows the difference.

So here we go — cheers to purchasing and eating locally, and to good friendships, new and old, that support our health, happiness and creativity.



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